How Is The Professional Upholstery Cleaned?

Professional upholstery cleaning is done at home to avoid unnecessary transport, and spaces are not left bare furniture for some time.

The first thing to do after contacting the chosen cleaning company is a face-to-face visit from one of our expert managers to the customer’s home, to gather information about the type of fabrics or materials to be sanitized, their condition, and quantity.

After recognizing the nature and condition of the fabrics and upholstered elements, the client is informed about the real possibilities of the results that will be obtained, and whether or not the cleaning can be carried out.

The cleaning companies always warn about the possibilities and inconveniences that can be found in each service, so that if the client decides to take a risk not recommended by the experts when cleaning upholstery, it is always under their responsibility.

Once the amount of the service has been accepted, the upholstery cleaning companies will be responsible for transferring the personnel, equipment and cleaning products to the customer’s home, so that the client does not have to worry about anything.

Before starting work, the area is protected conveniently, so that when the clean upholstery work is finished, everything will be in perfect condition.

Then a mighty vacuum is made with professional vacuum cleaners of superior strength that absorb even the deepest layers of dust between the fabric and inner zone.