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Then we proceed to clean the upholstery with a wet system, which is usually done in two ways, depending on the type of material on which cleaning and disinfection of padding must be carried out:

Once the expected time of action of the product is completed, it is removed together with the dirt with the help of exclusive chamois. In addition to the cleaning of upholstery, also the cleaning of the structure of the piece is made by its lower part, legs, armrests, etc …, although they are made in different materials, such as wood, iron, etc.

Mechanical cleaning, is indicated for the purification of absorbent textile upholstery, in which the most profound results of hygiene and disinfection are achieved, thanks to the use of injection and extraction equipment that introduces cleaning and disinfectant products inside the tissues and base fluffy, and that after the necessary actuation time, they are absorbed again together with the humidity and remains of dirt. To finish the process, a rapid drying equipment is used that allows the pieces or furniture to be used again in a short space of time.

Cleaning of leather and natural leather. When you have to clean sofa, armchairs, chairs, pub or car seats, natural leather or leather, always before using any product, it is necessary to remove dust from the entire surface, and especially folds and seams, to that when applying the cleaning and hydration products, there is not a layer of dirt mixed with liquids, generating mud that may scratch the skin. To clean the dust, use a lint-free wipe or the vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment attached to the nozzle to avoid scratching. In the cleaning of natural leather, only clean upholstery products are user specific and top quality, which in addition to sanitizing, help keep the skin nourished so that it retains its elasticity and does not break or crack. After spraying a leather upholstery cleaning product, it is rubbed or polished with a cloth to achieve a natural shine as well as cleanliness. We invite you to flatly refuse all the home remedies that use water and detergents, hand cream, or oils, which change the color of your sofa’s skin or in the cleaning of car upholstery but fail to eliminate stains. The companies of professional cleaning of this type of materials also can offer you solutions as a waterproofing treatment that provides greater protection against stains.

leather upholstery

Cleaning tapestries and decorative pieces in natural fabrics

Following the techniques practiced in the Royal Tapestry Factory, for cleaning upholstery in tapestries and unique pieces, always the first step is to check the condition of the part and perform a test of color fastness to check whether it fades or not.

Then we proceed to the artisan cleaning in large buckets or swimming pool, in which the only products to clean such delicate upholstery, consist of vegetable soap dissolved in demineralized water produced after the application of ionization equipment.

To remove dirt and clean stains, specific accessories are used in polished wood with long handles that allow the pressure on the fabrics without damaging the texture or the weft of the carpets.

After rinsing with demineralized water under pressure, the tapestries are rolled up in curling devices to avoid deformation and eliminate almost all the humidity.

Finally, air recirculation equipment with indirect exposure is used, which allows the drying of the parts.